How To Make Fried Rice In Restaurant Style. It could either be the delicious sauces or just the texture of the vegetables, fried rice in any avatar is comforting and downright amazing. In this video, you'll see how to easy make authentic Asian fried rice, just like your favorite restaurant's.

No Fret Chinese Restaurant-Style Pork Fried Rice ...
No Fret Chinese Restaurant-Style Pork Fried Rice … (Alvin Turner)

I first time to make something, i do not know how it make. when i seen your restaurant-style-vegetable-fried-rice recipe, i am totally flat, your recipe is awesome, i am sure you. I have tried many recipe and have found this one from a Chinese chef who gave me a Cook your rice on the stove or in a rice cooker. I saw this easy restaurant style vegetable fried rice recipe in a Tv show.

How do I make authentic, Chinese takeaway-style fried rice?

The main question is how to make fried rice – now, when we know the fried rice ingredients the answer will be easy to find.

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No Fret Chinese Restaurant-Style Pork Fried Rice …

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Wong may have a Michelin star to his name, but he knows the takeaway trade like the back of his hand: he was brought up in a Chinese restaurant of the kind. Now make restaurant quality Chinese Fried Rice at home and enjoy your meal. #HappyCookingToYou. So the next time you yearn for fried rice, skip the takeout and fry up a pan of your own.

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