How To Make Fried Rice In Skillet. Fried rice is a wildly popular takeout choice, often served with lunch specials and always ordered by a friend of mine, who shall go unnamed. But fried rice is the last thing on the menu I'd order when dining out, for one reason: It's so very simple to make at home.

Better than Takeout Ham Fried Rice | The Recipe Critic
Better than Takeout Ham Fried Rice | The Recipe Critic (Jackson Riley)

Make sure that your ingredients aren't crowded in the wok or skillet that you use. With just one skillet in the mix, this recipe will let you step away from the sink after dinner just a little faster. Generally, Yang Chow fried rice is a kind of house special fried rice.

What our family loves most about this dish is how creamy and flavorful it is!

With this multi-function wonder, I can make perfectly peelable eggs, fluffy rice, and super-flavorful stock, and I can do it in very short order.

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Garnish egg fried rice with cilantro. I love making fried rice at home because it is easy to put together and with the money you could spend ordering out. All that being said, if you'd rather use a higher quality rice, this recipe could easily be Crack egg directly into skillet and scramble with vegetables and garlic.

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