How To Get The Halloween Hats In Among Us

How To Get The Halloween Hats In Among Us. Or, you can get Halloween hats in Among Us for free on mobile and PC right now by changing the date and time on your device. Among Us has been overtaking a lot of mainstream video games and rapidly rising in popularity.

Malmey-Studios-Injustice-Among-Us-Flash-Helmet-5.jpg 1,944 ...
Malmey-Studios-Injustice-Among-Us-Flash-Helmet-5.jpg 1,944 … (Kathryn Griffin)

Players are able to customize their worker avatar while they're waiting in the pre-game lobby before Since Among Us has already been around for one holiday season — before anyone was really playing it — the options for the Halloween-themed gear. You'll need to tinker with your PC's or mobile device's time and date settings to unlock all the seasonal hats that were given away in the past. A quick sneaky guide on how to unlock the Halloween Hats in Among Us early.

How to get free Halloween hats in Among Us. Для просмотра онлайн кликните на видео ⤵.

And that is everything you need to know about how to get hats in Among Us.

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Once you've obtained Halloween hats, you can change. Wondering how to get Among Us's Halloween costumes? To achieve them, it is necessary in the first instance to consider the following options and these do not usually present variation between the game: It is important to note that hats are usually purchased at the computer terminal before starting the game.

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