Simple Indonesian Herbal Beverage (Turmeric and Tamarind). Qunol's Turmeric Instant Drink Mix delivers ultra high absorption. Enjoy the smooth orange flavor at home or on the go. I also tried tamarind jamu (rather lovely in its sharpness), and have since discovered that turmeric and tamarind is a common combination in jamu.

Simple Indonesian Herbal Beverage (Turmeric and Tamarind) This also good for our skin. Consuming tamarind and turmeric drink routinely can control the blood sugar every time to avoid the body from diabetes. Jamu is a traditional herbal anti-inflammatory medicinal drink from Indonesia and most known in Bali. You can cook Simple Indonesian Herbal Beverage (Turmeric and Tamarind) using 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Simple Indonesian Herbal Beverage (Turmeric and Tamarind)

  1. Prepare 1 table spoon of turmeric powder.
  2. You need 1 table spoon of tamarind.
  3. Prepare To taste of palm sugar.
  4. Prepare 1 cup of boilimg water.
  5. You need cubes of Ice.

Jamu "juice" recipe is made up of turmeric and ginger, sweetened with a bit o' honey, and soured up with tamarind paste and lime juice. It's hard to give accurate measurements of fresh turmeric & ginger so a kitchen scale would be handy to weigh it out. Jamu juice is a traditional Indonesian herbal drink that keeps your body refreshed and balanced. It's a simple blend of fresh turmeric, ginger, lemon, water, and sweetened with a bit of honey.

Simple Indonesian Herbal Beverage (Turmeric and Tamarind) instructions

  1. Put all ingredients in a boilling water and stir them until dissolved..
  2. When all ingredients are dissolved strain and pour into a glass or cup, and ready to drink..
  3. Add some cubes ice if you want to drink it cold. Happy cooking.

Serve it chilled or warmed up for the perfect immunity booster this season. Combined with tamarind, the turmeric acid herbal is a proven remedy for menstrual pain, inflammation, high blood pressure, and more. Many also count on this herbal to lose weight. To make this beverage, brew shredded or powdered turmeric and tamarind in the same amount, add palm sugar and a little salt to taste. Simple Indonesian Herbal Beverage (Turmeric and Tamarind).

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