Funny Husband Wife Romantic Jokes. Husband and wife jokes are about marriage, how painfull and great it can be. Funny Joke: The Case of the Missing Wife Moishe goes into a police station to report that his wife Rebecca is missing.

45 Selfies - Husband & Wife Images & Photos
45 Selfies – Husband & Wife Images & Photos (Nathaniel Rowe)

A couple comedy video, watch 'The Fault in our Stars' on Maha Mazza channel. Subscribe now for more laugh out loud funny videos in Hindi. Husband: Machhali pakdne ke baad bhi kya koi chara dalta hai!

Husband Wife Jokes in Hindi: यहाँ पर आपको "Husband Wife पर जोक्स और चुटकुले" का विशाल भंडार मिलेगा.

Let husband and wife never speak to one another in loud tones, unless the house is on fire.

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Husband: दूसरे डॉक्टर के पास !! Husband wife jokes are read by almost all husbands around the world, to keep the quarrels with their wives on a funny side. A husband and wife were drinking wine together at home.

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